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Creating Your Social Networking Website Profile


How you would like to meet and communicate with other
internet users, especially ones that share the same views
and beliefs as you do? If you would then you may want
to think about joining a social networking website, if
you haven’t already done so. When it comes to easily
finding and communicating online with another internet
users, social networking sites are, perhaps, the best
way to go.

If you are interested in joining a social networking website
the first thing that you will need to do is find
a network to join. You can easily find a number of networks
by performing a standard internet search. For the best
search results, you may want to search with the words
social networking or social networking websites.  In your
search, it is likely that that you come up with a fairly
large number of different networking sites.  Popular sites
that may be included in your search results may include,
but will not be limited to, MySpace, Orkut, Yahoo! 360,
FriendFinder, FriendWise, Facebook, and Classmates.

Once you have made the decision to join a particular
social networking website, whether or not it is one of
the ones mentioned above, you will need to need to register
with the site.  Even free networking communities require
that you go through the registration process. Once you are
registered, you should be able to start communicating with
other community members.  Before you start communicating,
you may need to develop your online profile or profile page,
depending on the networking site in question. Although it
may seem easy enough to create a profile, there are many
internet users who are unsure exactly what they should and
should not include.

Perhaps, one of the most important things to include in
your online website is your picture. While a personal
picture is optional, it is ideal. Many internet users
enjoy taking to someone that they can see in their minds,
without a picture this is difficult.  If you are looking
to use social networking websites just to meet new friends
you may not necessarily need to post a private picture,
but you may need to if you are looking to find love online.
When it comes to internet dating, many individuals will
not even view an online profile if a picture is not included.

In addition to your photograph, you may want to include your
name.  Now, when it comes to your name, you need to be
cautious.  You are advised against giving your full name,
especially if your profile or profile page contains a personal
photograph of you.  In addition to your name, you may want
to put down your location.  As with your name it is important
to display caution.  Your picture, your address, and your full
name can be dangerous, especially if it falls into the wrong
hands. As much as you would like to fill your social
networking profiles with personal information, you are
advised to think about your safety before anything else.

You may also want to include information on yourself. This
information may include your hobbies, issues that are important
to do, your likes, and your dislikes.  With many social
networking websites, including MySpace, you will find that
there are preset profile fields for this information. In
addition to preset questions or categories on your likes and
dislikes, you may also find additional information, including
fun questionnaires.  Many social networking websites will
ask that you describe your favorite color, your goals in life,
your most embarrassing moment, and so on. As with your other
personal information, it is important to stay as vague and
possible and not use any full names, especially real ones.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you should
not only be able to create an online social networking profile
that is filled with valuable information, but you can do so
while staying safe at the same time.  Your safety on the
internet is in your hands, that is why it is important to
think about safety, as well as internet popularity.


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