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Travel With Kids (a little) Stress-Free



Traveling with kids, whether a long haul flight or long drive can be overwhelming and scary for both kids and parents. In most cases, it aggravates the anxiety to both especially if it is your first time and doesn’t exactly know how to deal with it. A little arsenal of “know-how” before you travel will save you some precious time and headaches.

Orient your kids about the incoming vacation your family will take, let them know what to expect and what are expected from them. Whatever the reason for your trip, talk to your kids why you are going. Keep them excited by showing them some pictures of your destination and activities that awaits them. Answer some questions that they may have regarding your trip.


Make sure you have a checklist of things to do and to bring when preparing for your trip. This may include coloring books and stickers, toy(s) they love to play with, game apps you need to install on your smartphone/tablets and proper clothes they need for your destination.

If you can’t bring your pets with you, reassure them that they will be taken care of while your family is going on your trip. Introduce them to whoever is taking care of them while you are away. To help relieve fears that something will happen to their pets or things while they are gone, play a pretend game with your child. Tell your child the two of you are going to tell a story about all the fun things your home and belongings will do while you are away.



Now on the day of your trip…

Make sure you allot extra time, delays may happen especially you have kids with you. Know what you can carry — and juggle. You may find yourself alone with the kids and mountains of bags while dad’s on the way to the restrooms, etc. Think realistically about what you can manage on your own while watching and maneuvering the kids


Pack as much baby food, breast milk, and formula as you need. If you’re traveling with a baby or toddler. Bring snacks for older kids, prepare some snacks (cheese or veggie sticks and sliced fruits) to keep them nourish. You are sure that they are a healthier choice instead of eating in a restaurant. Not to mentioned, you will also save a significant amount of money.

Prepare a bag, and make it handy, that has all the diapers you may need, baby wipes and other things you may need. Baby wipes are essential on trips not only for diaper changes but also to clean everyone’s hands. Before and after diaper changes in public places, make sure to wipe off the changing area.

Keep your kids active as needed. They easily get bored and may require some activities from time to time. If the time and space permits, let them walk. If you are in a flight, assist them walking without, of course, disturbing other passengers. If you are a long drive, it is ideal to make a stop over to rest and give them a little walk.

Traveling with kids are not as easy as traveling with adults. But it is enjoyable as long as you are pretty aware and prepared of what to expect and how to effectively deal with them. Enjoy every precious moment traveling with your little ones.




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