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Wild River CLC WT3604 Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack with Four PT3600 Trays

I just took the Wild River Backpack fishing with me and it held together better (nothing broke or was ruined when I dropped it in the water, stacked it under several other bags in my trunk, and stepped on it a few times)—and it was certainly more useful to me, because of all the accessories that come with it—than any bag I’ve ever used before. It’s a great backpack for anyone that spends time outdoors (you could put first aid supplies in the tackle box, for instance), but it’ll be absolutely perfect for you if you like to fish—that is, after all, what the bag is designed for.

My favorite part is the LED light that comes with it. I went out fishing during the day so I only just spent a lot of time playing with it, but of course, it’s more useful than that—you should never go out into the woods at dark without a flashlight of some sort anyway.

The light is pretty powerful; it didn’t die on me after hours of turning it off and on, and it’s really bright. It’s a green light, kind of like night-vision goggles, but it’s got an adjustable (high to low settings) white light too. Also, it swivels around on its platform, so you can turn it to look inside the bag if you want. It’s got a rain cover too that you can pull out over it—it’s already fairly waterproof like I said, but of course, you wouldn’t want rain soaking your phone or iPod—and a case at the top to keep your glasses safe.

Also, the tackle box works really well—like the rest of the pouches, it’s got a lot of room in it, and if you keep the cover zipped up the tackle box surface is firm so you can use it to work on and prepare the fish you catch. It’s got great pouches on the side too for knives and other tools like it, and a specially designed holder for your pliers.

My only real complaint (other than that one of the zippers broke pretty much just after I got it, but I pulled on it really hard so it might not be a production flaw) at all was that it’s kind of bulky—even though the straps are padded well, and sit comfortably—and the tackle box kept slamming against my back as I hiked out the river. That’s not really a problem though, especially if you’re not going a very long distance with it—I just recommend putting something padded between your back and it, if you are taking it with you out on an extended hike.

Anyway, though it’s still a really good bag, and looks really nice too. Tackle boxes are usually really cumbersome and easy to break, but you’ll have neither problem with this pack. I completely recommend buying it—I think that it’s entirely worth all of the money I paid for it.