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Packing For A Road Trip With Infants


When taking an infant along on a road trip, there are many things to consider. Prepared parents will have a smoother trip, and a much happier baby.  First off, try to plan the trip during baby’s normal nap time. If you’re lucky, your little bundle will peacefully sleep the trip away and arrive at Grandma’s well rested and ready to play.


The most important thing you will have with you when you travel with your infant is your diaper bag. Before your trip, stock the diaper bag with diapers, wipes, several changes of baby clothes, baby’s favorite blanket, snacks for both you and baby, and several of your baby’s favorite toys. Don’t forget to pack bottled water, formula and bottles, if your baby uses them. For extended travel, the plastic, disposable bottle inserts are probably best. You can throw them a way and don’t have to worry about washing or sterilizing bottles.

For the breastfeeding baby, you’ll need a medium sized blanket for nursing rest stops, extra breast pads for mom, and your portable breast pump, if you use one. If baby uses a pacifier, be sure to bring an extra or two. Think ahead to your destination. If there is a significant temperature difference, be sure to include clothes appropriate to the area.

A baby sling or other wearable baby carrier is essential when traveling. Baby may feel insecure or afraid in unfamiliar surroundings. Wearing your baby will allow you to carry and still have your hands free for other things. A baby sling can also double as a nursing blanket or comfortable place for baby to nap.

Be sure never to wear your baby while driving in the car. Every baby should be strapped safely into an approved car seat while traveling. If you baby is taking solids, be sure to pack some of their favorite easy to eat snacks. Crackers, dry cereal, and soft fruits work best.

With a little planning, you and the baby will arrive in your destination with a minimum of stress.


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