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Can You Really Travel on a Budget?

Everyone deserves a getaway every now and thenand travel doesn’t have to break the bank. But can you really travel on a budget?

The trick is to know how to make the most of your vacation dollarsFortunately, cheap flights abound, not all exotic destinations have multiple dollar signs next to their names, and options exist for families that don’t require booking a block of hotel rooms. Here, travel-industry experts offer savvy solutions to the most common financial obstacles you might face while planningtrip. Like other people, you may want to know some tricks or hacks that can save you a significant amount of money while not compromising the quality of our most awaited trip or vacation. Which means you can skip town without losing your shirtunless you have your swimsuit on underneath

Below are the things you need to consider to plan your vacation and find ways of how to get them at a cheaper price, if not for free.

1. How to fly for cheap

Check fares regularly. It will give you an idea how much is the cost of a ticket to your chosen destination. You will gain information on the price changes and what affects it. You can compare the fares in a different season of the year and avoid the peak season if you may. You can sign up for a price alert and you will be notified for any price change wether a drop or rise. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.03.59 PM

2. Explore non-U.S. airlines for international travel

Thanks to recent changes in the Open Skies agreement between the United States and Europe, several overseas carriers, can now fly between a number of U.S. and European cities. Within Europe, you can save money by flying on a regional discount airline, like easyJet (, Jet4you (, or myair (, instead of on a major carrier; one-way flights can run as low as 22 euros (incredibly, that’s only about$28).

3. Drive

Gas prices are down, so take advantage. Here are some road-trip planning ideasFind a place that you would want to enjoy within driving distance such as national parks, camp ground or theme parks. The more members joining you on this road trip the better because the cost per head would be very low. 

Check the mileage and you can calculate how much gas you will be needed depending on the vehicle you will be using, At the end, you want to have a lower per head cost. If you are going to a group road trip and nobody has a bigger car or van. Try to rent a car can accommodate a larger group. There are SUV or vans that can accommodate 7 people. If you are going for 5 days, try renting it for 7 days, weekly rates are cheaper than daily.

4. Hotel Accommodation

Indeed, this is one travel expense that draining our wallets. Try to book early, and ask for specials or discounts (no harm in asking). Try different rates like AMA, group rates or even corporate the company you work might have a special rate for your chosen hotel.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 8.59.27 AM

Rent a house or a condo. For families or groups, renting can be a lot cheaper than paying for the same number of beds in a hotel. A recent search in San Francisco, for example, turned up two-bedroom apartments (that sleep at least four) for around $250 a night; most hotels were between $150 and $250 a night for a single room. Try Air bnb, you can see a lot of apartments and condo for rent.

There are people who can only travel during peak seasons. If that is your case, choose a bargain destination. Below video will give you an idea where to go:

Book fixed-cost trips.

All-inclusive programs that lump meals and activities with the room price keep costs downResort packages, like those offered by Beaches (, Riu (, and Starfish Resorts ( Travel sites like,,,, and also offer good deals.


Like all-inclusive resorts, cruises can help you contain spending, but watch out for extras, like drinks and shore excursions. Check out for the best, well, deals. Bon voyage!|


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