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6 Instagrammable NYC Beaches To Trick People Into Thinking You Went On A Real Vacation

New York betches are pretty deprived by not living near a beach. I mean, as much as we love the crowded pool at Equinox Highline on a Saturday or the nauseatingly Instagrammed scene at Soho house, its pretty hard to get to a legit beach during the summer if youre in New York City. In fact, you probably dont even know that beaches in an 100-mile radius to the city exist, and thats like, depressing. Its time to get to the beach, so whether youre braving the LIRR or using an ex-hookup for a ride, heres the ranking of the best beaches near NYC:


1. Fire Island

Fire Island is always packed with Long Island girls whose moms labeled their socks for the weekend, and gay guys just trying to get away from all the breeders for a sec. Aside for the Wildfox-dressed crowd, Fire Island is always a sick time. First of all, the towns there are adorable, and life is super quaint and low-key. Think of it as the Hamptons, but with less traffic and without the Tracy Anderson lookalike on every block. The beach itself is really nice too, so you can spend all day laying out and then get drinks when you get bored. FYI, everyone rides bikes instead of cars, so lets just hope those SoulCycle classes can be applied to the roads.

2. Main Beach, Easthampton

Lets be real. As much as we can shit on the botox-infused, blogger-filled vibes in the Hamptons, we all know theres a reason every person living above 66th street flocks there every summer. Easthampton is probably the best beach and beach town in New York, so try to get there at some point this summer. Montauk is our town of choice, but if youve never been to Gurneys on Fourth of July, you may be a bit overwhelmed. In any case, just wear all white, pretend you know people. Pack enough tequila and you should be fine.

3. Shelter Island

People tend to get Shelter Island confused with Fire Island, but the scene is surprisingly pretty different. The beach is great, but the vibe is a little less beachy, if youre into that sort of thing. Shelter Island is perfect for a day trip or if youre looking for a weekend to get out of bed before 10AM. People there love outdoor shit like kayaking and paddleboarding, and its not just for the Snapstory. So, if thats your idea of fun, go for it, but if youre looking to get drunker than Scott Disick on vacation, it may not be your scene.

4. Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is located deep in Brooklyn, but dont let its location stop you from going. Its less touristy than other beaches that are driving distance from the city, and the crowd is much more European, so youre probably not bumping into random girls you recognize in Kappa Gamma tanks. This is probably because the neighborhood itself is a huge Russian community, but the beach is low-key gorgeous, so its perfect for when you want to just chill without thinking youll run into someone every three minutes.

5. Manhattan Beach

If youre looking for a simple beach to drive to on a Sunday and make your guy friends barbecue while you take pics of your Sangria, Manhattan Beach is a good option. Its not as glam as some of the more resort beach towns that are a farther drive, but what do you expect when its this close to the city? The point is, Manhattan Beach isnt exactly a beach town with $24 margaritas and poolside Fountainebleu DJ, but the beach is solid and its pretty chill on the weekends.

6. Coney Island Beach

If the idea of spending your weekend eating hot dogs and going on an ancient-looking roller coaster called Cyclone, maybe dont go to Coney Island- but if youve never been, its not as bad as it sounds. A lot of people dont realize that the beach at Coney Island is actually really nice, and it could be a good time if you want to get ice cream and chill on the boardwalk with friends. I mean, every New Yorker needs to go to Coney Island at least once in their lifetime. Its like going to the MET. You dont have to spend more than five minutes there, but you have to at least go to say youve been, right?


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