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Enjoy Your Own Private Island In Belize For $500 A Night

Finding a place to stay on holiday is always difficult. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life then a room in a gargantuan hotel, a few steps from the swarming crowds of other tourists, might not be what you want. But finding a location that both meets your standards of quality, while also remaining private for you and your loved ones … it’s a hard nut to crack.

Beach vacations are the epitome of this problem. It’s all well and good getting your beach gear together, looking forward to some relaxation under the sun and a romantic sunset to boot, but when you actually get there things can be so much worse. Crowds of beach-goers, children screaming, fighting for space to lay your towel … it’s not exactly the most private of situations. The ultimate dream would be to have a few nights staying on your own private island, wouldn’t it? But when it comes to this vacation idea, the emphasis is definitely on the ‘dream’ aspect. It’s a fantasy that we will likely never achieve, since who has the money lying around to buy or rent an entire island? Yet as it turns out, you don’t have to be a millionaire to spend a few days on your own private island. This Airbnb user features a property for rent called “Bird Island”. It can be yours for 392 ($511) per night. While that may sound pretty expensive, this sleeps up to four people comfortably, so it’s more like $130 per person each night. Located off the shores of Placencia, Belize, the area is a three-hour drive from Belize City. You can travel back and forth from Placencia via boat transport, which is included in the price. There is a minimum stay of four days, and a maximum of six days. All you have to bring is food and drink, as all the other commodities and facilities are accounted for. “Stay on your own in a truly private island on a beautiful atoll, with excellent swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring – with all the comforts,” the Airbnb listingreads,“The central theme of Bird Island is a self-catering, Robinson Crusoe type of adventure, yet with all the comforts, where one could get to do their own thing in total privacy.” The electricity comes from solar power, as well as back-up wind power, so there’s no noisy generator needed. Inside the cabana is a phone for local use, and the island provides both Wi-Fi and a BBQ. The water supply comes from a filtered rainwater system, which can be used for cooking or even drinking water – but if you’re not sure, purified drinking water is still provided. The island also comes with two kayaks, float tubes, knee boards, and a row boat for fishing. The only downside is that there will be a long wait. The island is in such high demand that the next available booking won’t be until June 2019. The good news is that by then the island will have even more to offer, as there are plans to add to the property. For instance, another cabana will be added in September, giving you even more space. This isn’t the only good deal out there. Just off the coast of Scotland,this beautiful island is available to buy for a bargain price, but it has a gruesome past…

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