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How to wash your underwear on the go, no hotel sink necessary

No more musty vacation clothes.

Image: Scrubba

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Dirty clothes can get pretty gross when piled into a suitcase. Whether you’re camping, traveling for work, or going on vacation, by the time you get home even the clothes you didn’t end up wearing can smell like sweat and mildew.

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Even if you don’t have access to a laundromat you can wash your clothes no matter how far into the wild your trip takes you. No, you don’t have to use an old-fashioned washboard — there’s no reason to have one of those unless you’re in a Bluegrass band.

The Scrubba bag takes that same basic idea of a washboard and uses technology for a much cleaner (and lighter) way to wash your clothes on the go.

Inside the Scrubba bag are hundreds of tiny plastic nodules that work to scrub your clothes clean. The three-gallon bag is made of anti-microbial fabric so theoretically you could just throw your dirty clothes into the Scrubba bag as you go instead of putting them back in your suitcase or piling them on the ground.

Once you’re ready to wash, fill up the bag with water and detergent, let out the air via a small plastic plug, and just mash it around for a few minutes. It’s a little more work but way less icky than soaking your underpants in the hotel sink. After you’ve scrubbed all the grime away, pour out the soapy water, rinse, and hang to dry. Seems simple enough but if you’re having trouble remembering there are step-by-step instructions printed on the bag.

The Scrubba bag in action.

Image: Scrubba

The Scrubba bag weighs only five ounces and can fit in a pocket when folded — making it easy to throw in any backpack or suitcase — so it’s perfect for travel. But as someone without a washer/dryer in my building I can also see using the Scrubba bag for emergency washes when I literally run out of clean underwear. It only holds up to six garments so it can’t really replace your washing machine for big loads, but for campers, travelers, and lazy apartment-dwellers it might be a useful tool.

You can buy the Scrubba bag on Amazon now for $39.99 and you may want to pick up some Woolite packets while you’re at it. The feeling of coming back from vacation with you clothes already clean will be worth it.

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