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Air New Zealand has a nifty feature that lets parents sleep next to their baby

Air New Zealand’s Skycouch has been updated for tinier passengers.

Image: air new zealand

As many of us know, sleeping in economy seats is a challenge at best.

At least on some Air New Zealand flights, the airline has added something it calls a Skycouch, turning a row of seats into a flat-ish bed that’s intended for couples to cuddle up with each other.

While the feature debuted in 2011, the airline recently added a dedicated infant harness and belt, which allows small children or babies to lie down flat as the plane is cruising.

So you can rest easy next to them, a newly introduced infant pod will provide protection for younger passengers on the Skycouch.

Image: air new zealand

The airline has also revised its Cuddle Belt, allowing two children to use it. Previously, the belt had only been certified to allow two adults or an adult and child travelling together to lie side-by-side with each other.

The Skycouch makes most sense for two children (or one person), anyway. A review from Traveller back in 2011 said Skycouch is a “tight fit” for two adults, making for “pretty sweltering spooning.”

Air New Zealand said it initially marketed Skycouch to adults, but suited parents with young families especially well, hence the improvements.

The infant harness.

Image: air new zealand

Skycouch is available on long haul flights which use the airline’s Boeing 777 and 787-9, operating between New Zealand to North and South America, the UK and throughout Asia.

And of course, Skycouch is an added extra. On a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, it’s A$1,099 (US$870) extra one way to add the feature, which makes the cost just shy of a premium economy ticket.

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